🛣 Spreadsheet.com Roadmap [evergreen]

We continually adjust our roadmap to align with the most commonly requested features and enhancements. Contact us anytime with questions at info@spreadsheet.com or respond to this thread here.


  • Spreadsheet AI
    We’re adding native generative AI capabilities into Spreadsheet.com for generating worksheets from scratch as well as formulas and other content in cells. Stay tuned for one of our most exciting launches yet.

  • Drag & Drop Cell and Range Movement
    Similar to traditional spreadsheets, we’re adding the ability to drag and drop individual cells and ranges to move them in the grid.

  • Notifications
    An in-app notifications list updated in real time showing each user all of the row assignments, @mentions, alerts, and reminders meant for them.

  • Enhanced Comments with Resolutions
    We’re working on upgrading the cell and row commenting experience and adding the ability to resolve comments.

  • Resource Management
    A view of user availability based on task assignments throughout a workspace.

  • Timeline View
    A timeline view of tasks providing a simple work planning interface.

  • Mobile Apps
    V1 of the Spreadsheet.com mobile app for iOS and Android.

PLANNED (not necessarily in this order)

  • Alerts & Reminders
    Ability to set up a custom alert or reminder on a row based on a date value, change in a select value, user assignment, etc.

  • Cell and Row History
    Ability to view the change history of a cell: i.e. an audit trail of what a cell’s value has changed from and to, who made each change, and when each change was made. Cell history will roll up to a row-level history where you will be able to see the full history of a row in one view.

  • Array Spillover in Formulas
    Support for array results in formulas spilling over to adjacent cells.

  • Additional Array Functions
    Support for array functions like IMPORTRANGE, FILTER, etc.

  • Duplicate Columns
    Ability to copy columns within and across worksheets and workbooks, including column-level data type settings.

  • Hierarchy Rollup Settings
    Ability to define how parent rows behave in Sheet view hierarchies. E.g. whether they roll up information from child rows, ancestors, etc., and what they do with that data (e.g. sum, average, max, min, etc.).

  • Login with Okta/SSO
    Allow users to login using Okta and other leading SSO providers.

  • Keyboard Shortcut Enhancements
    Broader support for the most popular traditional spreadsheet keyboard shortcuts

  • Forms V2
    V2 of Form views with header images, conditional logic, more text formatting options, and more

  • Desktop App
    V1 of Spreadsheet.com desktop app

  • Tablet App
    V1 of Spreadsheet.com tablet app

  • Pivot Tables
    Ability to create and import pivot tables

  • Workbook Activity
    A workbook activity dashboard with graphical summaries and a historical audit trail of activity in each worksheet.

  • Additional Data Types
    New data types planned: Time, Button, WBS, and more.

  • Spell check
    Ability to configure automatic spell checking in cells.


  • Row Movementreleased April 22nd
    Ability to drag and drop rows to reposition them in Sheet views and Gantt views. This includes the ability to move parent rows in a hierarchy and have all child rows move with them.

  • Button Data Typereleased April 14th
    Ability to create buttons in cells that open a URL or trigger an automation to create a row or send an email, Slack notification, etc. about the row in context.

  • Dashboardsreleased March 30th 2022
    With Dashboards you can quickly build and share an overview of projects and initiatives with data from any number of workbooks and views. Dashboards are made up of a number of configurable widgets that range from rich text to embedded views, numbers, images, videos, and more.

  • Zoom level in Sheet and Gantt Viewsreleased March 11th 2022
    As with traditional spreadsheets, you can now control the zoom level of your worksheets by zooming in up to 200% and out to a minimum of 50%. The experience is just as smooth and fast in Gantt views as it is in Sheet views.

  • Share and Embed Viewsreleased February 18th 2022
    Often we simply want to share a specific View of data instead of an entire workbook. This can now be done in Spreadsheet​.​com for any View type by enabling public View sharing and embedding. Click the Share button in a workbook’s header and select the new Share View option to enable sharing of the current View.

  • Charts enhancement to “Count options separately”released February 18th 2022
    Charts enhancement to “Count options separately” in multi-item data types such as Multiselect, User, Related row, and Related row lookup.

  • Rich Text Data Typereleased Dec 30th 2022
    The new Rich Text data type allows you to work with cells like mini documents within your spreadsheets, with support for basic markdown syntax.

  • Import data via CSV into worksheetsreleased Dec 30th 2022
    Now you can easily import data into the table region of existing worksheets. Select the new Import from CSV option from any Sheet view’s options menu and choose a CSV file to import.

  • Reportsreleased Nov 5th 2022
    Reports are a new entity type in Spreadsheet.com that allow you to consolidate data from multiple worksheets and workbooks into a single combined view, which can be shared individually or as part of a folder. Reports update in real-time and can be filtered, sorted, grouped, and printed, just as Sheet Views can in worksheets.

  • Task Dependency Types and Lag Timesreleased Nov 5th 2022
    At Spreadsheet.com, we’re serious about building a world-class project management system on tope of the spreadsheet you already know. That’s why we invested in a whole new set of Gantt view and project management improvements to dependency algorithms and capabilities. Spreadsheet.com now support lag times and all four of the standard dependency types, which are used to determine the relationship between when a task and its predecessors’ start and finish:
    – Finish-to-Start (FS)
    – Start-to-Start (SS)
    – Start-to-Finish (SF)
    – Finish-to-Finish (FF)

  • Task Constraint Types and Datesreleased Nov 5th 2022
    Spreadsheet.com also now supports task constraint dates and all eight of the standard constraint types, which are used to further control when a task starts and finishes based on start and finish dates of predecessors, and an optional constraint date:
    – As Soon As Possible (ASAP)
    – As Late As Possible (ALAP)
    – Finish No Earlier Than (FNET)
    – Start No Earlier Than (SNET)
    – Finish No Later Than (FNLT)
    – Start No Later Than (SNLT)
    – Must Finish On (MFO)
    – Must Start On (MSO)

  • Developer APIreleased September 21st 2022
    The Spreadsheet.com Developer API is a RESTful API that lets developers programmatically interact with Spreadsheet.com data. For more information on getting started with the API, and using API Keys, see Spreadsheet.com API Overview

  • Webhook automationsreleased September 21st 2022
    Webhooks, also known as web callbacks or HTTP push APIs, are a way for apps to send other apps real-time data. The new Webhook automation action in Spreadsheet.com allows you to post updates to servers or third-party applications whenever automations are triggered in your worksheets. For more information on working with Webhooks, see Post to a Webhook.

  • Design updatesreleased August 1st 2022
    We launched a number of major updates to the Spreadsheet.com user interface. From column data type icons to new workbook menus, navigation menus, color-coded Views, and a new palette for the worksheet grid, we think you’ll find navigating Spreadsheet.com workbooks a faster and more enjoyable experience.

  • Calendar Viewreleased July 16th 2022
    A new worksheet View type showing a daily/weekly/monthly calendar to manage rows visually based on the value of a Date or Date & time column. The official launch of Calendar View includes a mini-calendar sidebar, drag & drop event assignment, conditional formatting for custom event coloring, and iCal link sharing for integrating Calendar views with other apps.

  • Cross-sheet Formula Improvementsreleased July 16th 2022
    After months of work by our formula engine team, we’re thrilled to have launched a fundamental rewrite of how cross-sheet formula computations are handled both on the server and browser, resulting in up to 100x performance improvements for cross-sheet formula updates. This is a big step toward complex financial and numerical modeling support in Spreadsheet.com.

  • Trashreleased June 1st, 2022
    When a workbook or folder is deleted, it will now be moved to Trash rather than permanently deleted. Trash can be accessed from your Spreadsheet.com home page, and allows you to recover deleted items as well as permanently purge items you are sure you want to be deleted forever.

  • API Key Scopingreleased June 1st, 2022
    Now, when defining an API key in Spreadsheet.com , you can specify whether the key should allow Read & Write or just Read-only access. In addition, you can now limit the scope of a key to a specific workbook in your workspace. This is critical when sharing keys with teammates, developers, and other apps, to ensure the right people have the right level of access.

  • Groupingreleased April 23rd 2022
    Based on popular request, we adding the ability to group rows in Sheet and Gantt views by unique values in a column along with group-level rollup summary calculations. This includes support for any number of nested subgroups and ability to quickly create new rows within groupings.

  • View Sidebarreleased April 4, 2022
    The View selector has been replaced with a new View sidebar pinned open by default in any worksheet that has more than one view. Now you can easily switch between views with a single click, reorder views in the list with drag and drop, and edit view names by double clicking. New views of any type can be created with a single click using buttons at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • Chartsreleased March 19, 2022
    You can now create charts in any Spreadsheet.com worksheet, with 14 chart types to choose from, ranging from Pie and Donut, to Line, Area, Column, Bar, and Combo, along with a variety of configuration options.

  • Borders 2.0released March 19, 2022
    We rebuilt how borders work in Spreadsheet.com from the ground up. Now borders of all styles and thicknesses render smoothly over the grid rather than inline at cell edges.

  • Printreleased February 12, 2022

  • Export to PDFreleased February 12, 2022

  • Trigger Automations with Formulasreleased February 12, 2022

  • Send Automation Notifications to Users in Related row lookup columnsreleased February 12, 2022

  • Zapier Integration
    Spreadsheet.com is now in the Zapier app directory, allowing you to create zaps that connect Spreadsheet.com worksheets with over 4,000 other apps and sites. Login to your Spreadsheet.com account and visit Personal settings > API keys to get started. More details in the new Zapier Integration section of our Help Center.

  • Billing Plans – released January 5, 2022
    We launched a new Workspace management experience including paid plans, personal and workspace credits, and ability to transfer ownership of workbooks from one Owner to another. All workspaces were moved to a 30 day trial of our Premium plan. More about our pricing plans here. Details about managing workspaces, billing, credits, and more in the new Administration section of our help center.

  • Select and Multiselect enhancements: define options from a range or named rangereleased December 25, 2021
    Added the ability for options in Select and Multiselect data types to be defined from a named range or manually specified range of cells, similar to how dropdowns are created in traditional spreadsheets with data validation. This also works on import and export of Excel files.

  • Named Rangesreleased December 4, 2021
    Full support for defining and editing named ranges, as in traditional spreadsheets. With named ranges, you can assign a name to a contiguous range of cells for easy reference in formulas.

  • Conditional Formattingreleased November 14, 2021
    Conditional formatting allows you to define rules to format rows and columns using specific font styles, colors, and cell backgrounds based on the data in your worksheet. For example, in a Tasks sheet, you might want to highlight rows that are overdue, or in a Budget sheet you might want to color-code a column of values based on a specific cost range.

  • New Template Galleryreleased October 30, 2021
    We launched a new template gallery user experience with live embedded previews and a Featured Templates section. You’ll also see a new Start from scratch section with templates for starting from a simple Table, Gantt, Kanban, and Form view. We’ve designed these templates as simple starting points for building something new as quickly as possible.

  • Duration format support in Column formulas and Related row rollupsreleased October 30, 2021
    We expanded Column formula and Related row rollup output formats to include the Duration data type. Now you can output proper duration values, for example, when computing the difference between two Date values.

  • Related row lookup improvementsreleased October 23, 2021
    Now Related row lookups bring all related cell data into the lookup cell, rather than just the first values.

  • New data type: Related row rollupreleased October 23, 2021
    We launch the new Related row rollup data type, allowing you to perform calculations across linked rows from related worksheets and return aggregate data. Similar to Related row lookups, Related row rollups look up the values of a cell already in a Related row, and require at least one Related row column to exist in the worksheet. However, unlike Related row lookups, which return raw data from Related rows, Related row rollups can return summaries, or aggregates, of the related data.

  • Workbook loading speed improvementsreleased October 2, 2021
    We’ve made significant improvements to workbook loading performance, resulting in up to 10x faster load times! Shaving seconds off of the loading process makes a big difference to the user experience and we’re delighted to share this progress.

  • Wrapping behavior for Multiselect, User, and Related row cellsreleased October 2, 2021
    We’re adding support for text wrapping behavior in Multiselect, User, and Related row cells. When text wrap is enabled in these cells and there are more values than fit in the cell, the values will wrap and row height will automatically expand to accomodate. These data types will also respect vertical and horizontal alignment settings even when wrapping is enabled.

  • General signup, sign up from templates, and Sign up with Googlereleased September 26, 2021
    No more waitlist! We’re elated to share that we’ve opened Spreadsheet.com up to public sign up. This includes signing up directly from the Spreadsheet.com home page and signing up by starting from a template in the Template Gallery. New users can choose to register manually or sign up using Google credentials.

  • Related row type-ahead autosuggest and other enhancementsreleased September 26, 2021
    We launched a long-planned improvement to related row cells allow you to start typing a related row value and see suggested matches appear as you type. You can now also select a value simply by using the drown-down arrow in the cell rather than by opening the row selection dialog. This all makes selecting one or more related rows much faster and easier using the keyboard.

  • Column Formula data type enhancementsreleased September 18, 2021
    Added the ability to define an output format and data type specific settings for column formula columns. See the new Formatting tab in the Column formula data type dialog.

  • Sharing by linkreleased September 18, 2021
    We expanded the set of sharing options for folders and workbooks allowing them to be shared using a preconfigured link. Options include sharing to only a specific set of users, any users who belong to a specific set of named domains, or anyone with the link.

  • Duplicate worksheetsreleased September 6, 2021
    As with traditional spreadsheets, you can now copy worksheets using the new Duplicate worksheet capability. All of your styling, formatting, and formulas will be maintained as-is. In addition, all of your data type configuration information and views will also be copied. Attachments and relationships are also maintained. Note that Related row columns, ranges, and cells are converted to “1-way” in the copied worksheet (see recent release notes regarding “1-way” and “2-way” relationship capabilities).

  • Multicolumn insertreleased August 28, 2021
    As with traditional spreadsheets you can now insert multiple columns at once by selecting more than one column, right clicking, and choosing one of the Insert X columns right or left menu options.

  • 1-way and 2-way relationshipsreleased August 28, 2021
    Spreadsheet.com now allows you to specify whether relationships are 1-way or 2-way . Before this update, by default all relationships were 2-way, meaning that whenever a Related row column is created, a corresponding Related row column was automatically created in the target worksheet. Now, you can optionally specify that a Related row column is 1-way, so a column in the target worksheet does not get created. This is useful if you do not want the relationship reflected in, or modified by, the target worksheet.

  • Filter and Sort related row selectors by Viewreleased August 28, 2021
    When selecting a related row value, you can now control which rows are displayed as options to link to with the new Filter and sort selection by View option. This allows you to limit the set of rows users can select when choosing rows to link to.

  • Current date & time in automationsreleased August 28, 2021
    When updating Date and Date & Time values in automations you can now make use of the new Current Date and Current Date & Time tokens to define a relative value, as shown in the animation below. This makes it easy to change dates and times based on when another update or creation action occurs.

  • Hidden worksheetsreleased Aug 21, 2021
    As with traditional spreadsheets, Spreadsheet.com now supports the ability to hide worksheets. Imported workbooks with hidden worksheets now work as expected, with hidden worksheets remaining hidden by default. Only users with Owner and Manager access to a workbook can hide and unhide worksheets.

  • Public sharing and embeddingreleased Aug 7, 2021
    You can now publish workbooks publicly in a read-only state, and embed them in other websites and apps, with the new Public share and embed feature . This same feature is allowing us to embed live template previews in the Spreadsheet.com Template Gallery today.

  • Autofill with auto-incrementreleased Aug 7, 2021
    As with traditional spreadsheets, you can now select two or more cells in Spreadsheet.com and drag vertically or horizontally to automatically fill a range with auto-incremented values. Ranges of numbers, currencies, dates, and strings with a sequence of numbers, are supported. This also includes day and month names and abbreviations, and data types such as Rating, which is number-based.

  • Selection calculatorreleased Aug 7, 2021
    You may also have already noticed the new selection calculator in the bottom right corner of your workbooks when you have 2 more cells selected showing you a calculated value of that range. As with traditional spreadsheets, you can choose different calculation options depending on the type of data you have selected. This is a great way to do a quick calculation without writing an actual formula to do so.

  • Multi-column deletereleased Aug 7, 2021
    One of the most commonly requested enhancements we’ve received since opening up Spreadsheet.com for early access.

  • Automationsreleased June 8, 2021
    Define automations in a visual workflow designer that run based on changes in worksheet data, without complicated scripting. For example, trigger a notification, an email via Gmail, a Slack or MS Teams message, add a contact to Mailchimp, and more. We’ve combined ready to go automation recipes with integration connectors to provide fast and easy starting points for building custom application behavior without writing code.

  • Gantt Timeline Viewreleased June 3, 2021
    A new Gantt view type showing a timeline bar chart to the right of the worksheet that illustrates a project schedule, shows the dependency relationships between activities, and the current schedule status. Most applicable in worksheets where each row represents a task, deliverable, or deadline.

  • Array syntax in formulasreleased May 22, 2021
    Ability to use array syntax such as A1:A10 * B1:B10 and { A1, A2, A3 } in formulas. This is a prerequisite for array function support, the first set of which was added in this release with the addition of ARRAYFORMULA and ARRAY_CONSTRAIN functions.

  • Formsreleased April 10, 2021
    A new Form view type, providing the ability to define a form based on a worksheet’s columns, and share a direct link to it or embed it in any site that supports iframes. Each form submission becomes a row in the worksheet.

  • Version Historyreleased February 27, 2021
    Preview old versions of a workbook showing each change made, when it was made, and who made it. This also includes the ability to restore and create copies of any historical version. See granular changes down to the individual cell level, and restore the whole workbook or copy just the cells you need from a backup to your live version, data types and all (e.g. file attachments, related row links, etc., can be restored via copy & paste). Full version history on all workbooks will be stored for at least 3 years.

  • View Permissions & View Lockingreleased January 30, 2021
    Ability to assign permissions to specific Views within a worksheet, allowing certain views to only be visible to a subset of users or just you. View locking prevents other users from making changes to a view’s filtering, sorting, and other configuration settings until it is unlocked.

  • Worksheet Render and Scroll Performancereleased Jan 18, 2021
    We’ve rebuilt the Spreadsheet.com grid to improve render and scroll performance by up to 10x. Part 1 of this project was released on Nov 13, 2020, affecting scroll performance. Part 2 was released on January 18th with further improvements to rendering and scrolling speed.

  • Worksheet Edit and Selection Performancereleased Jan 18, 2021
    Our new high performance grid was released on January 18th giving Spreadsheet.com faster edit and selection performance.

  • Workbook UX Improvementsreleased Jan 18, 2021
    After learning from hundreds of hands-on onboarding sessions, we rolled out many improvements to the Spreadsheet.com user interface to make certain features and actions easier to discover, learn, and use. For example, enhancements to data type dialogs, Kanban views, share dialogs, and more.

  • Home Page Improvementsreleased Dec 8, 2020
    We redesigned elements of the home page and settings dialogs to make navigation easier and more intuitive. Part 2 of this effort will involve making the Home page update in real time as concurrent users make changes.

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste 2.0released Sept 7, 2020
    We have rewritten cut, copy, and paste operations within Spreadsheet.com to not only work more like a traditional spreadsheet, but also allow pasting data to and from external applications without loss of data, styling, and data types where possible.

  • Export to Excel – beta released Sept 7, 2020
    Ability to export a workbook to an Excel (XLSX) file with all styling, formatting, and formulas intact. Cells using rich data types in Spreadsheet.com that are not supported in Excel will be converted to their closest human-readable text equivalent value.



I think this is a great roadmap. I’m not sure I’d change the order of anything prior to Forms (except for my comment about workbook sharing below).

Workbook Sharing Enhancements: I don’t think embedding a workbook in an external or third party application is nearly as important as many of the other things. I think the ability to print to a PDF is far more important than the ability to embed, and is one of the primary ways that you share work when you want to only share a portion of a spreadsheet (for security or privacy reasons). Invoicing and purchase orders are examples of sheets that would be printed to PDF and sent via email. I would swap Embedding with Printing … that’s how important I think printing is and how less important embedding is.

Integration and API: I’m not big on Integration and API so I wouldn’t be doing anything with that, but maybe this is strategically important. I’m glad to see that the gantt chart calendar views are listed before these, but I’d move Charts and Reports ahead of these.

Charts: I’d recommend implementing in-cell charts via a function like SPARKLINE prior to working on charts, as the development for the in-cell sparklines ought to be far less work but would enable some useful dashboarding features. Development of the chart functionality seems like a massive undertaking if done from scratch.

Conditional Formatting: I’d recommend implementing conditional formatting and in-cell sparklines prior to dashboards and dashboard widgets because with CF and Sparklines and basic charts you can create dashboards without the need for a special library of widgets.

Keyboard Shortcuts: If possible, I’d recommend implementing keyboard shortcuts as you go rather than leaving it to the end. I would listen especially to your active users and what they are requesting and also make the implementation of shortcuts an integral part of every operation. If a shortcut is commonly used in other spreadsheets, don’t use it for something different. A good bad example is how Quicken does something completely different for CTRL+C instead of Copy (this is perhaps the worst example I can think of … it just doesn’t make sense to use CTRL+C for anything but Copy).

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This is such a fantastic list @matt, thank you for the transparency and clarity. The performance improvements will be fantastic, and I can’t wait to try Grouping when it’s ready. View-level permissions will be especially useful for our company database. I can see us having an employee database with some data points not available to everyone.

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Thank you @Vertex42!

Regarding Keyboard Shortcuts and broader support for Formula Functions, we agree – these are ongoing efforts that are already underway so we’ve edited the roadmap above to better reflect this.

We’ve heard a lot of demand for Printing from early users that echo your comments, so it’s likely we will move this forward, at least a first version of it.

Meanwhile, we’ll be sending out product announcement emails and updating this roadmap post as things progress. Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions to date, fantastic to have you as part of the Spreadsheet.com community.


Thanks for this feedback @daniel!

We use Spreadsheet.com all day internally, so we share your enthusiasm for the improvements coming soon. We’ve been investing a lot in Sheet performance and plan to continue to. Grouping and View-level permissions are both things we’re hearing a lot of demand for from other early users as well – we’ll be excited to announce those once we get there.

Fantastic to have you as part of the Spreadsheet.com community.

@matt great stuff… A suggestion for Cell and Row History – make sure that history is also available in a sheet so that it can be used for other purposes. For example, this could act as a “cheap trigger”, so that reporting could be done on how long it takes for status to change in a process.

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Thanks @Craig_Winkler, and agree. A full history log will be part of the “Workbook Activity” feature we have planned (was missing in the public roadmap above, now added), which will let you create a worksheet (or exported file) consisting of a change log from which you should be able analyze this data (e.g. average time to change a particular column value). Also cell history should eventually be queryable as part of our workbook API.

Great stuff! Is there any approximate date for pivots or reporting coming soon? Thaaank you!

Given the amount we have scheduled for the next 6 months we are unlikely to get to these features before Q2 of next year. We’ll keep you posted. Both of these capabilities are in demand from early users and are critical components of our roadmap.


Pivot and conditional formatting are the most essential. We work with lots of data and inability to summarize in pivot table is a deal-breaker for our team. Hope to see Pivot table coming soon. Thanks a bunch for the great product!


Agree on the importance of both of these. As the roadmap stands today, Conditional formatting is more nearer term ( within next 6 months ) than Pivot tables - which is further out.

Hello -
I am brand new to spreadsheet.com and so far, I’m pretty impressed.
What is the time line for items on the RoadMap ? I see items date back to September / October of 2020 -
what is the expected delivery date?
I’m particularly interested in Conditional Formatting - but it looks like there’s a ton of great stuff in the works!


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Welcome @David_Slater, great to have you in as an early user!

We hope to get to conditional formatting and charts this year. These are scheduled to come after a number of things in progress such as Forms, Gantt views, Automations and an initial set of integrations.

Hope this helps. As much as we’d like to we can’t put reliable dates on things that we know will be more than a few months away.


Do you know roughly when the Zapier integration will be live? Days, weeks, months etc.

Welcome @Stephen_Chauvette. We’re aiming to have Automations and Zapier integration released in beta form in June.

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Conditional Formatting and Grouping please…

Also a “Quick/Real-Time” Filter (filters visible rows as you type in a text box - like a Find/Search that filters the visible Rows as you type)


So excited for some of these, especially performance improvements.

Conditional formatting, as many have mentioned, would be so huge for me. Highlighting or hiding (by making text white) individual cells is a key part of my traditional spreadsheets; my imported sheets got mildly “sterilized” haha.

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Welcome @Kayden and thanks for the +1 on conditional formatting. No question this is one of the most highly requested feature additions and because of this we have decided to increase its priority in our roadmap. We’ll keep you posted.

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Dear @matt ,

Awesome updates you have here. Look forward to named range and API.

Btw regarding integration, will it support importing/sync data from external sources such as QuickBooks and other sources?


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