Product Updates - February 18, 2023 - Share Views and Charts Enhancements

We’re delighted to announce the launch of public sharing and embedding for individual Views, a long awaited feature.

In addition, we’ve rolled out a Charts enhancement to “Count options separately” in multi-item data types such as Multiselect, User, Related row, and Related row lookup.

We also added 6 new templates to the Spreadsheet‍.‍com Template Gallery for use cases ranging from real estate listing management with descriptions written by OpenAI to employee attendance tracking, RSVP tracking, and a V2MOM framework.

Let’s take a look.

View sharing and embedding

Often we simply want to share a specific View of data instead of an entire workbook.

This can now be done in Spreadsheet​.​com for any View type by enabling public View sharing and embedding.

Click the Share button in a workbook’s header and select the new Share View option to enable sharing of the current View.


Sharing a Sheet View

When sharing a Sheet View, you have the option to hide your worksheet’s header region by unchecking the Show header rows checkbox.


Sharing a Gantt View

When sharing a Gantt View, you have the option to hide the worksheet grid by unchecking the Show worksheet grid checkbox.


Sharing a Calendar View

When sharing a Calendar View, you have the option to enable iCal link sharing for syncing your calendar view with other calendaring applications.


Sharing a Kanban View


Sharing a Form View


Chart Enhancement: Count options separately

Now when multi-item data types such as Multiselect, User, Related row, and Related row lookup are graphed in Charts, each item can be counted separately by enabling the new Count options separately checkbox.


New Templates

We added 6 new templates to the Spreadsheet​​​​​​​​‍.‍com Template Gallery for a variety of use cases.

The Real Estate Listing Management with OpenAI template is a system for managing real estate listings with OpenAI used to automatically generate market-ready property descriptions based on the details of each property.

Other newly added templates include: