Charts + controlling data

First off, so happy charts are now available!

My first test was to use it on a multi-select column; the results are not ideal and I don’t have a way to change it. Basically, the current pie is pulling each combination of multi-selects as it’s own section, while I want to see the % for each multi-select option separately regardless of how certain cells are populated.

Thanks @Nicole_Tschorn and sorry to hear your first use was less than ideal. This is a known limitation of charts right now with multi-item data types such as Multiselect, Users, and Related rows. Support for charts considering discrete items within these cells as separate data points, versus as a unit, is on our short-term roadmap. We’re tentatively planning to provide an option to choose which behavior you want.

We’ll update this thread as soon as we have an ETA to share.

@Nicole_Tschorn, In the meantime - until we have that functionality - you can use this : build a summary table and chart out of it.

=COUNTIF(range,"*"& D2 &"*") is how you build the count.


will definitely do that, thank you for the suggestion!

This worked perfectly and I learned something new, so thank you :slight_smile:

One follow-up question: It seems the data for “Urgent Need” didn’t get labeled on the chart; wondering if it’s a bug or a setting? It shows the name if I hover over the segment, but as you can see it’s not on the chart itself, only the percentage.

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This looks like a defect - Tracking as - BUG-005127

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Issue #005127 has been fixed with the latest upgrade


A much simpler solution: The ability to “Count options separately” for Multiselect columns in Charts, as well as other multi-option data types, is now available as of our Feb 18th release.

Details here: Product Updates - February 18, 2023 - Share Views and Charts Enhancements


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