Product Updates - August 9, 2021

What’s new?

1. Public workbook sharing and embedding
You can now publish workbooks publicly in a read-only state, and embed them in other websites and apps, with the new Public share and embed feature. This same feature is allowing us to embed live template previews in the Template Gallery today.

To enable a workbook for public sharing and embedding, open a workbook or template, go to the File menu, and choose “Public share and embed”, as shown in the example below.


You can choose which tabs to include and whether or not to enable users to filter, sort, and hide or show columns. Currently users cannot make a copy of workbooks shared this way, however, you will be able to enable this capability once we open up access to publicly.

2. Autofill with auto-increment
As with traditional spreadsheets, you can now select two or more cells in and drag vertically or horizontally to automatically fill a range with auto-incremented values. Ranges of numbers, currencies, dates, and strings with a sequence of numbers, are supported. This also includes day and month names and abbreviations, and data types such as Rating, which is number-based.


3. Selection calculator
You may also have already noticed the new selection calculator in the bottom right corner of your workbooks when you have 2 more cells selected showing you a calculated value of that range. As with traditional spreadsheets, you can choose different calculation options depending on the type of data you have selected. This is a great way to do a quick calculation without writing an actual formula to do so.


4. Multi-column delete
We are excited to share that we’ve finally rolled out multi-column delete, one of the most commonly requested enhancements we’ve received since opening up for early access. Perhaps we’ll share more in the future about the complexities of building an online real-time collaborative spreadsheet. Suffice it to say, things like this are often more complicated than they sound!


5. Emoji autosuggest
Emoji fans will be delighted :blush: to know that you can now insert emojis into channels by typing a colon : followed by an emoji symbol name to find and select a matching emoji, as in Slack and other popular collaboration tools. :tada: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:


6. Duplicate automation actions
Often when creating an automation you need to perform multiple actions in sequence. Sometimes those actions are nearly identical, so it’s much faster to be able to copy existing actions rather than create each one from scratch. Now you can with the new Duplicate action option. Hover over any action and click the copy icon to duplicate it, as shown below.


7. Overflow for right-aligned text
Most of us take so many complex things in traditional spreadsheets for granted, like the positioning of text that overflows into adjacent empty cells when it is left aligned, center aligned, or right aligned. At, we take none of this for granted :sweat_smile:. Today we’re happy to share that right aligned text will overflow to adjacent empty cells to the left of the originating cell, as shown below.


Fixes and enhancements

  • We’ve added support for importing TSV files.
  • We increased Gantt rendering performance and fixed several Gantt view scrolling issues that were specific to Firefox and Safari.
  • Gantt dependency lines are now rendered even if a taskbar is out of view.
  • Fixed an issue that caused cells and ranges to be unselectable in Safari when using the mouse to create a formula.
  • 003426 – The color selector now lets you change the foreground or background color of a range to the same color of the top-most selected cell.
  • 003880 – Deleting the last column in a worksheet no longer scrolls the user to the bottom of the sheet.
  • 003967 – Increased the maximum number of rows that can be pasted from 1,000 to 10,000.

What’s next?

  • Sharing by link
    We’re expanding the set of sharing options for folders and workbooks allowing them to be shared using a preconfigured link. Options will include sharing to only a specific set of users, any users who belong to a specific set of named domains, or anyone with the link.

  • Zapier integration
    We’re in the process of being added to the Zapier app directory, which will allow you to create zaps that connect worksheets with over 3,000 other apps and sites.

  • Named ranges
    Full support for defining and editing names ranges, as in traditional spreadsheets. Today named ranges can be imported as part of existing spreadsheets, and referenced in formulas, but cannot yet be defined and edited within .

  • Hide worksheets
    As with traditional spreadsheets, will soon support the ability to hide worksheets. Imported workbooks with hidden worksheets will work as expected, with hidden worksheets remaining hidden by default.

  • Duplicate worksheets
    Ability to copy worksheets within and across workbooks, including all data types, attachments, and relationships.

  • Duplicate columns
    Ability to copy columns within and across worksheets and workbooks, including column-level data type settings.

  • Workbook loading speed improvements
    Several optimizations are underway that we expect will improve the speed of workbook loading significantly.

… and more. Stay tuned!


Great updates! I especially like the ability to delete multiple columns and right-align long text. I also experimented with embedding spreadsheets, and look forward to the public launch.