Product Updates - February 27, 2021 - Version History

What’s new?

1. Open sharing
We’ve taken the first step toward removing early access sharing restrictions in You can now share workbooks and folders with anyone using their work email address. There is no longer a need to request a domain be added to our whitelist. Sharing with ISP domains such as,, etc., will remain restricted until we officially launch our public beta (stay tuned).

2. Version History
We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Version History, allowing you to travel back in time to historical versions of your workbooks. Every worksheet change, down to the individual cell level, is automatically captured and stored in a backed up version that is quickly accessible for reviewing and restoring from as needed.

You can also easily copy and paste from any historical version to a live workbook. This has been designed to leverage the power of our cut, copy, and paste architecture, so all data type information will be retained including fully functional related row links and file attachments. The sheet-time continuum is now in your hands!

Version history went live as of February 27th. All workbook changes made from Feb 27th moving forward will be captured. For pre-existing workbooks, changes made prior to this date will not be available in version history.

3. Connectivity loss detection and recovery
Collaborating with other users in real time when connections are spotty can be tricky to manage. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of connectivity loss detection and recovery in Now when your internet connection becomes unavailable you will see a notice at the top of your browser. will automatically reconnect and sync your workbook with the latest changes once your connection is restored. This includes coverage for other common scenarios such as leaving a workbook open in a browser tab and coming back to it after a long period of inactivity (e.g. a weekend holiday). When returning to your workbook you will now see a “Syncing workbook …” message as the workbook is brought up to date with any changes made since you were last online.

Fixes & enhancements

  • Issue #001569: The WEEKDAY function now returns the correct weekday number in all cases, aligning with behavior in traditional spreadsheets.

  • Issue #001646: The WORKDAY and WORKDAY.INTL functions no longer provide results that are off by 1 day. In addition, the days argument can now be negative so you can subtract a number of working days from a start date, for example.

  • Issue #003225: The result of the SPLIT function is now treated as an array literal when SPLIT is composed within other aggregator functions like MAX, SUM.

  • Issue #001569: Remaining issues with the EDATE function not returning expected results in some cases have been fixed.

  • Issue #003188: Fix for issues with sorts not being applied to newly inserted rows.

What we’re working on

  • Forms
    A new Form view type, providing the ability to define a form based on a worksheet’s columns, and share a direct link to it or embed it in any site that supports iframes. Each form submission becomes a row in the worksheet.

  • Automations
    Ability to define automations in a visual workflow designer that run based on changes in worksheet data, without complicated scripting. For example, trigger a notification, an email, an approval process, a Slack or MS Teams message, a Zapier call, and more. We’re combining ready to go automation recipes with integration connectors to provide fast and easy starting points for building custom application behavior without writing code.

  • Gantt Timeline View
    A new Gantt view type showing a timeline bar chart to the right of the worksheet that illustrates a project schedule, the dependency relationships between activities, and the current schedule status. Most applicable in worksheets where each row represents a task, deliverable, or deadline.

  • Array syntax in formulas
    Ability to use array syntax such as A1:A10 * B1:B10 and { A1, A2, A3 } in formulas. This is a prerequisite for array formula support.

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Oh yeah … I can’t wait to try forms, automations, gantt view, and arrays. :grinning: :drooling_face: (that’s supposed to be a salivating emoji)