Product Updates - September 18, 2021

What’s new?

1. Share by link
We’re thrilled to roll out workbook share by link capabilities and a new sharing experience. When sharing a workbook you’ll see a new “Get link” section. Here you can quickly copy a link to the workbook and change the workbook’s link share permissions. This dialog also provides quick access to the workbook’s public sharing and embedding settings.


The following three link share permission options are supported:

  • Restricted by user: The default state. Only users who were explicitly invited to the workbook or folder can access the workbook.

  • Restricted by domain: Allows you to specify one or more email domains that should have access. Whenever someone with an email address from one of these domains accesses the workbook link, they will automatically be added as a user of the workbook at the defined permission level.

  • Anyone with the link: Whenever anyone accesses the workbook link, they will automatically be added as a user of the workbook at the defined permission level. However, if you choose the Viewer permission level, an additional “Allow Viewer permissions to unauthenticated visitors” checkbox will be enabled by default, allowing anyone to view the workbook without actually signing up as a user (i.e. anonymous viewer access).

2. Column formula formatting
Formatting capabilities for Column formula columns are finally here! Now you have explicit and detailed control over the output format of Column formulas. See the new Formatting tab in the Column formula data type dialog.


3. Related row lookup improvements
Using the Related row lookup data type is now faster and easier. Instead of navigating a tree, a dynamic popup menu makes it smooth and quick to select your lookup column based on existing relationships.


4. New keyboard shortcuts to select contiguous ranges
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + arrow key
Mac: ⌘ + Shift + arrow key
As in traditional spreadsheets, these keyboard shortcuts now highlight the next contiguous block of populated cells, making it fast and easy to select ranges of data with the keyboard.

5. Sign in with Google
For users who prefer to sign in using their Google credentials, you’ll now find a “Sign in with Google” button on the login page. This is a prerequisite for “Sign up with Google” capabilities and general availability of, which is coming soon.

Fixes and enhancements

  • #004048: Zooming in and out of Gantt views now always keeps the view centered at the same location as you zoom.
  • #001720: Maximum name of worksheets is now capped at 31 characters to align with Excel worksheet name size limitations to ensure exports work as expected. In addition, worksheet names can no longer contain escape characters such as / \ ? * : [ ], and cannot begin or end with an apostrophe.
  • #003224: Emojis are now inserted wherever the cursor is when typing a channel message.
  • #002015: Workbooks marked as favorites no longer lose their favored status when moved between folders.
  • #004139: Fixes to the TEXTJOIN function

@matt The share by link functionality looks great. Is there currently a way to give an added user the ability to make their own copy of the workbook without also giving them edit permissions to the original workbook?

The permission levels in the Share workbook option seem to give edit rights (Owner, Manager, Collaborator, Editor) or no ability to make a copy (Commentor, Viewer).

I see a checkbox that says Allow users to copy this workbook under Public workbook sharing and embedding, but it is greyed out.


@Adam_Steinfurth Copy workbook capability in publicly shared/embedded workbooks is imminent. We expect this to be available within the next 2 weeks. Once this is rolled out, the Allow users to copy this workbook checkbox will be enabled by default. Whenever this box is checked, users will be able to make a copy of the workbook. Users who do not yet have a account will be taken through a quick account creation process and land in the copied workbook.