A way to send/store custom views of a spreadsheet

What do you think of a way to send a link/nudge to a coworker alerting them to look at a specific view of a spreadsheet. A specific page that has a specific view setup, kanban/filtered/hidden <side question: what other things can we do?> Now I’m just dreaming, but a permalink that I can put on their desktop. Like right in the middle.

Hi Jesse,

You can select the view from view dropdown and copy the URL from browser and share it among your team, Spreadsheet already capable of opening the respective sheet and apply the view directly post login.

You can communicate with all users ( coworkers) we call them as collaborators, who have access to the specific workbook via our workbook channel, we have designed this channel to collaborate among group of people who has access to, everyone get notified via email upon any messages send from the channel. You can launch this by clicking on small message icon from workbook toolbar, and start collaborate with team. This channel is more powerful, as you have noticed from our demo, you can @mention a specific user, you can reply to a message, you can react you a message, you can add emotions etc. I am also attaching a screenshot how you can launch and access this for your reference, feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions.



oooh, didn’t realize the urls weren’t just temporary, that’s epic!

Yes. The Views are bookmark-eable. Sorted Views sort in the server/cloud - and are streamed to the client. This capability is pretty unique in the spreadsheet world.

Some recommendations from my side while working with Sheets which have multiple Sorted Views.

  1. In the Table region, avoid formulas that span across rows. Because as a result of sorting of the Table, they recalculate based on relative offsets of referenced cells and the values may not make sense to end users.

  2. Use Column formulas wherever you can { eg, D being = SUM( A, B, C ) } instead of { D7 being = SUM ( A7, B7, C7 ) , D8 being = SUM ( A8, B8, C8 ) and so on}. They are easier to maintain and compute faster.

  3. But feel free to use summations the span multiple rows in the Table Header region. eg: =MAX(C7:C) { We are thinking of possibly introducing a Table Footer region as well. }

View sharing and embedding is now available as of our Feb 18th release.

Details here: Product Updates - February 18, 2023 - Share Views and Charts Enhancements

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