View only - no copy or export

If I allow a sheet to be view only to the public, is there any way to limit the copying of the data? I noticed a view only user can copy the workbook, which I assume means the data as well which I don’t want. I know they can do a screenshot, but I would like a true view-only view for a public user.

Hi @Mike_Sullivan,

There is currently no way to prevent users from copying and pasting data with the keyboard, however, in publicly shared workbooks there is a way to disable the ability for users to copy the workbook. Steps:

Click the Share button and choose Public sharing and embedding


… or navigate to File > Public share and embed …


… then make sure the Allow users to copy this workbook checkbox is unchecked, as shown here:

View sharing and embedding is now available as of our Feb 18th release.

Details here: Product Updates - February 18, 2023 - Share Views and Charts Enhancements

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