Product Updates - October 2nd, 2021

What’s new?

1. Up to 10x faster workbook loading times
We’ve made significant improvements to workbook loading performance, resulting in up to 10x faster load times! Shaving seconds off of the loading process makes a big difference to the user experience and we’re delighted to share this progress.

2. Wrapping support for pill-style data types
Pill-style data types such as Multiselect, User, and Related row, now support text wrap settings at the column, range, and cell level. When set to Wrap, contents of these cells will now wrap as expected. All rows that have not been set to a specific height will adjust automatically to accommodate the content, as shown below. This has been a popular request since we opened up access to early users.


3. Filtering by Current User in User columns
Now you can select Current User as an option along with other values when defining filters on User columns.