Product Updates - September 21, 2022 - Web API, webhooks, and 10 new templates

What’s new?

We’re delighted to launch the Developer API, allowing developers to programmatically interact with to create custom apps and integrations.

We also added two new automation triggers for “When a new row is created” and “When a row is updated”, and we rolled out support for Webhooks in automations with a new “Post to Webhook” automation action.

In addition, we published 10 new templates for use cases ranging from Project and Product Planning to Sales Planning and Personal Travel, as well as 6 new use case guides and 5 new work management articles.

Let’s take a look! Developer API

The Developer API is a RESTful API that lets developers programmatically interact with data, allowing you to:

  • Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete rows (CRUD)
  • Create new worksheets and update existing worksheets
  • Upload and attach files into Attachment cells
  • List workspaces, folders, workbooks, worksheets, views, forms, and columns
  • Export workbooks to Excel

As the API expands and changes we will share details of new features in the What’s new section of our Community and update the API documentation available at

For more information on getting started with the API, and using API Keys, see API Overview.

Webhook automations

Webhooks, also known as web callbacks or HTTP push APIs, are a way for apps to send other apps real-time data. The new Webhook automation action in allows you to post updates to servers or third-party applications whenever automations are triggered in your worksheets.


Webhooks work in conjunction with the Developer API. For more information on working with Webhooks, see Post to a Webhook.

New Trigger Types

Two new automation Trigger types have now been added, giving you more ways to automate work inside your worksheets.


The “When a new row is created” trigger fires 3 minutes after a row is initialized with data (i.e. when the a cell is first populated with data in an empty and uninitialized row), allowing time for data entry to be completed before the trigger runs.

The “When a row is updated” trigger fires immediately whenever data in a cell within a row changes.

New Work Management Resources

In our new The Benefits of Gantt Charts in Project Management article you’ll learn all about how Gantt charts are used to keep team members on the same page by providing a clear visual representation of project timelines.


Other newly published resources include:

How to Create and Implement OKRs
How to Create a Project Budget
Top 5 Excel Project Management Templates

New Use Case Guides

In the new Building Gantt Charts for Project Management guide, you’ll learn hands-on how to use Gantt chart views in to to turn a workbook into an end-to-end project management machine.


Other newly published guides include:

Planning Sprints with Kanban Boards
Budgeting a Construction Project
Valuing Capital Investments
Creating Lesson Plans
Get Ready for Back to School for Teachers

New Templates

In addition, we published 10 new templates for use cases ranging from Project and Product Planning to Sprint Retrospectives, Sales Planning, CRM with Dashboard, and a personal Travel Itinerary.

For example, the new Product Development Plan template is designed for planning and monitoring product development status as a project progresses to keep everything on track and on budget.


The Simple CRM with Dashboard template makes it easy to keep all of your important pipeline information in one place with a built-in dashboard overview.


The Travel Itinerary template makes it easy to organize and plan a trip’s activities including times, dates, locations, file attachments and images, expenses, and more.


Other newly published templates include:


Very excited for these updates! I was so hoping for an API and webhooks update! You guys read my mind.