Field edit history

Hi Team and fellow @SSers - Hope all is well!

This might be possible, and I just can’t see it, but it would be really useful to have the ability to see the history of a field.

Use case scenario for this is knowing who changed what and when. Helps to explain the reasoning behind certain actions. Helps when errors are made so that we can fix it and secondly see who’s making the mistake so that they can get further training on process, etc.

Hi @Nathalie_Collins, thanks for sharing this and we agree. Cell- and row-level history is on our roadmap.

@matt - Thank you for pointing me there. In one of the post, you mention

Thanks @Craig_Winkler, and agree. A full history log will be part of the “Workbook Activity” feature we have planned (was missing in the public roadmap above, now added), which will let you create a worksheet (or exported file) consisting of a change log from which you should be able analyze this data (e.g. average time to change a particular column value). Also cell history should eventually be queryable as part of our workbook API.

This sounds amazing! I look forward to this.

What about at the front end though? For people just quickly wanting to see what the cell was before they accidently changed it. Would in cell history like Google Sheets has, be possible?

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@Nathalie_Collins, Yes for sure, the plan is to allow you to view cell history by right clicking on a cell and choosing a new “History” option. You’ll also be able to view the history of all cells in a row from within the row dialog (when a row is opened/expanded in a form view)

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Any update on this feature.

Thanks for bubbling this up @Bhargav and for your patience. We have a spec in progress for this feature set but no ETA yet. Will update this thread when we have more to share.