Form views aren't form views


I’m very disappointed to see that this feature was not what I was expecting !

Because inputting data in a sheet can be cumbersome, I was hoping to have a form to display in one screen all the content of one row. My objective was to review rapidly all my rows to modify one of my last column (seeing the description that is my 2nd column) which is not possible in my sheet view (and I really don’t want a special sheet view for that).
One important feature for this type of form is the ability to navigate rapidly between rows of the original sheet.

One more remark on the ergonomics : a form view should be a view and not the edition of a type of form…


Hi @Dimitri_G,

We do plan to add a capability to build internal-facing forms for creating rows, where you’ll be able to configure the form layout and invoke the form on a button click (pending new data type) in addition to other ways. No ETA on this yet but we’ll keep you posted.

As you point out, our “Form views” allow the creation of Forms where fields are based on columns in the sheet that can be publicly shared and embedded, and used to capture data from external users. This is similar to how Google Forms and many other Forms in other products in our general category work.

Like Matt said - +1 on this @Dimitri_G

I’m guessing @Dimitri_G is also refering to this :point_down: style of details editing of rows. Like Jira and some other software do.

(Screenshot from Master/Detail and Detail/Master - 1-more-thing )

That would be a style variant of our existing modal row-details popup.

Yes the modal style is close, but needs navigation buttons added to move between rows, to be able to be used as a complete view in it’s own right. Also, reducing the space between fields would allow more fields to be visible without scrolling. (One way to achieve this would be to put the field labels to the left instead of above each field.)

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Thanks @Benjamin_Reeves, we have navigation within row dialogs planned as an enhancement coming soon and will update this thread once we have progress to share.