Product Updates - May 14, 2020

New features

  1. Link popups for URL, Email, and Phone cells
    All cells with the URL, Email, and Phone data type now show a popup with a link rather than opening a new browser tab when the value in the cell is clicked, as shown here:

  2. Search within Sheet view with progress indicator
    CTRL+F to search in Sheet views. A progress indicator appears when searches take longer than a few hundred milliseconds.

  3. New monospace font option: Courier

Enhancements and fixes

  1. Adding rows from a Kanban view, related row dialog, and anywhere other than directly in a Sheet view, will insert the newly created rows below the last non-empty row in the primary view. Previously new rows were inserted after the last row in the primary view.
  2. Reduced memory footprint of server-side formula engine resulting in 95% less memory consumption for some formula-heavy workbooks.
  3. Clicking the background of an attachment preview now closes the preview as expected.
  4. Issues fixed with related row lookups pointing to incorrect columns when multiple related row columns exist in the same worksheet.
  5. Issues resolved with some named ranges not being evaluated correctly
  6. Added missing support for formulas that reference worksheets with spaces, underscores _ or periods . in the worksheet name.
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