Product Updates - November 13, 2020


1. Improved rendering & scroll performance
We’re thrilled to share that we released the first version of our new high performance grid, giving up to 10x faster rendering & scroll performance. The next version, planned for release in December, will include improved worksheet edit & selection performance as well as further improvements to rendering speed.

2. Improved scalability and concurrency
We’ve also released the first version of our new backend formula engine and our new concurrency algorithms, laying the foundation for a scalable and reliable service that can support millions of users with zero-downtime upgrades. While these changes are less visible to you as a user, we think it’s important for you to know how much we’re investing in R&D behind the scenes in preparation for growth.

3. Ability to convert between Multiselect and Related row data types
With the completion of our data type conversion capabilities, you can now convert Multiselect cell values to one or more Related row links simply by changing the data type of a column, cell, or range of cells. Cell values matching the value of a primary column cell in the target worksheet will automatically be converted to row links.


This update included over 100 fixes and minor enhancements, such as:

  • 001833: Now when using CTRL+C to copy or CTRL+X to cut, dashed lines are shown immediately around the source range, as in most other traditional spreadsheets.

  • 002045: Updated at and Updated by cell value changes are no longer triggered when data type settings change on a column, range, or cell; only when cell data actually changes.

  • 001677: Horizontal and vertical merges now work as expected from the Format > Merge cells menu, as they do from the worksheet toolbar.

  • 001728: Row dialogs and Kanban cards now render formula values in the same way they appear in Sheet views.

  • 001681: Right clicking on worksheet tabs now opens the worksheet context menu as expected.

  • 001727: Row messages created in related row dialogs are now always saved as expected.

  • 001831: Worksheets now have focus immediately upon activation allowing faster paste operations.

  • 001879: Converting alphanumeric cell values to the Collaborator data type is now case-insensitive.

  • 001702: Workbook, row, and cell channel messages no longer appear at the top of the channel in Firefox and Edge.

  • 001980: System data types, such as Created by and Created at, now appear as read-only values in the formula bar.

  • 002079: The ROW() function now returns the current row number based on the visual row-header index in sorted and filtered views.

  • 001495: In Edge, Select cells no longer appear corrupted if they contain emojis.