Product Updates - July 29, 2020


  • 001984: When there is one or more frozen columns, the new add row buttons at the bottom of worksheets now work as expected.

  • 002002: Editing cell data from within the formula bar in a sorted view will no longer lead to potential updates to the wrong cell.

  • 002031: Changing the data type of a column used to stack rows by in a Kanban view no longer leads to issues rendering the view.

  • 001913: Adding rows in a filtered view no longer leads to row numbering issues.

  • 001990: Auto-filling formula cells in a sorted view no longer leads to potential cell reference issues.

  • 001971: The HYPERLINK function now renders labels as expected.

  • 001986: Selecting cells during the process of editing a formula no longer leads to an intermediate #ERROR! state.