Product Updates - April 7, 2020

New features

  1. Ability to insert multiple rows
    Similar to traditional spreadsheeets, now allows you to select a group of rows and then insert a matching number of rows above or below the current selection, as shown here:

Enhancements and fixes

  1. Filtering on Column Formula columns now works as expected when the result is a numeric value (e.g. Currency or Number).

  2. Frozen rows are now treated as if they are part of a defined table header region even if a table header row is not set. In other words, sorting and filtering will not apply to rows in the frozen region, and these rows will not appear in Kanban views, even if a table header row is not set.

  3. Fixed issue whereby deleting multiple rows may corrupt existing formulas lower in the worksheet.

  4. Performance improvements for row updates, insertions, deletions, and new worksheet creation.

Insert multiple rows is awesome. Thank you!

Glad this helps! We’re still in the process of adding an “Add rows” component at the bottom of worksheets. Stay tuned …