Freeze up to current row & column

Please advise, why I cannot select freeze up to current row & column?

Hello @Sky_Quah welcome to Forum…

We would like to help you on this issue, to understand further could you help me with the more details on below questions

  1. Are you the owner or Manager of the workbook where you see this issue?. You may find workbook role by hover on the user profile icon at the right most top , see below screenshot as a reference


  1. If answer to 1st question is yes i.e you are the owner or manager could you check whether the row or column that you are trying to freeze rendered outside of viewport after page refresh ?

  2. Whether your Sheet View is having sort or filter ?

You won’t be able to freeze the row or column if you are not the owner or manager of the workbook or row/column rendered outside of viewport or if your view have sort or filter.

Please check the above three cases let us know based on that we could help you further on this issue.


Hi Vimal,

Thanks for your fast respond.

Yes, I’m the owner.

Please refer to below picture, I not sure why cannot click on up to current row / column.

Btw, I use right click to freeze the column I want to freeze

Hi Sky,

You need to select an entire row or column to enable that option. See image below.


Hi Santosh,

Noted, I thought it was same as Excel :grin:

Thank you