Column Setting to Inherit Indent Level

At the moment, the only text indented when using the Indent/Outdent feature is the Primary Key column. This means that if an ID is a primary key, then a description (e.g. task description for a project schedule) is not indented. If you had an “Inherit Indent” setting for each column that you could turn on/off, then you could indent the primary key, the description, as well as columns that contained numeric subtotals. This could enhance the readability of a spreadsheet and avoid forcing a person to use a task description as a primary key just because they want it indented.

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Interesting idea for us to consider here as we improve hierarchy capabilities. Thanks for this suggestion.

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+1 on this.

would be nice to be able to Group things that have been filtered.
With our job of keeping Rosters, sometimes it’s nice to be able to do stuff like for example:
Filter By Column ‘Location’ - West Side Kids
then be able to show a heirarchy / grouping of

Team A
→ Player 1
→ Player 2

Team B
→ Player 3
→ Player 4

while the player Name is the primary key

@benjamin_gunter We agree. “Grouping” is a core feature on our roadmap. We hope to get to it later this year.

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