Is there an API for spreadsheets?

I’m sure your use case can be handled, from what I understand. But I’ll let @matt confirm too.

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Dear @Santosh , with the increasing connected spreadsheets (like / / airtable with, I believe can conquer them all with easy to use API combined with recently released Automation.

Look forward to your API update!


Welcome @Martin_Radley Based on your bulleted list I think we will be in good shape to handle your use case either in the initial beta release of the API or shortly after. If you are interested in being an early user of our API once its ready we’d love to have you as a beta user and would value your feedback.

Thanks @hendrik, if you’d like to be a beta user of the API once it’s available we’ll make sure to connect with you then. Looking forward to your feedback

Thanks Matt. I’d love to be a beta tester. Please let me know next steps. Thanks

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Great! We’ll reach out to you about this as soon as we kick off beta access to the API

Thanks Matt.xxxxxxxxx

Is there a way to load a spreadsheet as a JSON file yet?

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Welcome @Max_Ziebell! We agree that this is a critical capability and it’s in high demand from early users. We’re currently working on v1 of our API now and will update this thread as we have a more definitive answer regarding when it will be available. Thanks for your interest.

@matt , make sure to invite me as well. Cheers.

Have a nice weekend!

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Will do @hendrik :+1:

Hi Santosh,

Any update on when a REST API will be available?



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@Martin_Radley - REST API remains high priority in our short-medium term roadmap. I’m hopeful of a Q1-Q2 2022 rollout.



Speaking of API, are you planning on also enabeling custom UI/controls/workflows, more like a low coade platform ?

Welcome @etienne_mermillod. Low-code capabilities are in our medium and long term plans, such as ability to write custom scripts that get invoked as automation actions. Allowing development of custom widgets is something we plan to consider, in addition to providing ways to build custom interfaces backed by workbooks. No ETA to share yet on any of this.

Features like custom columns types, let’s say cutom custom country flags, or buttons would be a reason for me to switch to this platform compared to some other exsiting ones.
Cascading drop down is also mandatory.

The Button data type is currently on our roadmap.

A dropdown (Select or Multiselect) with Country flags can be created by using flag emojis icons today. We are also imminently releasing the ability to define Select and Multiselect options from a range or named range, allowing easy re-use of values in dropdowns from any range in any worksheet within a workbook (similar to how traditional spreadsheets allow data validation).

Regarding cascading drop-downs, do you have an example you can point us to? Curious to learn more about what you have in mind.

@Martin_Radley - REST API →