Product Updates - April 23, 2022 - Grouping, new templates, and more

What’s new?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Grouping in, a popular and long awaited feature request allowing you to organize groups of rows with matching column values into collapsable, nested groups.

We also enhanced the positioning of rows inserted from Form submissions, and added 11 new templates to the Template Gallery for use cases ranging from M&A to wedding planning.


Grouping allows you to display a worksheet’s rows grouped together based on unique values in one or more columns. Like Sorts and Filters, Groupings can be added to any Sheet view using the new Group toolbar button.

Grouping supports any number of groupings, allowing you to create views with as many levels of subgroups as you need.

Each column can have its own summary option at each level of the grouping, which is shown in that group’s header. These summaries contain aggregate data like sums, counts, averages, or minimum and maximum values based on the data contained in the group. Each column can have a different aggregation function applied to it.


Grouping also works in conjunction with table header regions and Gantt timeline views. In addition, rows can be resized within groups just like they can be in non-grouped views.


NOTE: When creating groups in a worksheet with row hierarchies, only the parent rows will be grouped according to the grouping rule. All child rows will be placed in the same group as their parent row.

For more information on Grouping in, see Grouping Rows.

You can also check out grouping in action in many of the templates in our Template Gallery.


  • Form Submission Improvements: We enhanced the Form submission process so that newly created rows always get inserted after the previously created row in the worksheet that was created via a Form submission.
  • Printing Grouped Views: We’ve added support for printing grouped views, and exporting grouped views to PDF.

New Templates

We published 11 new templates to the Template Gallery for use cases in M&A, employee timesheets, gardening, trip planning, and wedding planning:

What’s new in Sheet Talk?

In our Earth Day 2022 blog post, we shared an Earth Day Workbook for calculating your personal “Save the Earth” score and exploring global per capita energy usage.

We also kicked off baseball season with our Visualizing Baseball’s Modern Era with Charts blog post, including a tour of MLB Modern Era Statistics from 1946 to 2021 with charts, and a printable Baseball Scorecard template for you to try your hand at.