Product Updates - July 16, 2022 - Calendar view launch, performance improvements, new resources, and new templates

What’s new?

Official launch of Calendar View including a mini-calendar sidebar, drag & drop event assignment, conditional formatting for custom event coloring, and iCal link sharing for integrating Calendar views with other apps.

We rolled out a complete revision to cross-sheet formula support resulting in up to 100x faster performance of cross-sheet formula updates, and we added 23 new templates to the Template Gallery for use cases ranging from sales pipeline management to conference planning, real estate CRM, project roadmap with sprints, venture capital deal flow, and more.

We also launched two new content sections on the website: Work Management Resources and Guides.

Let’s take a look!

Calendar View now out of Beta with new features

We’ve dropped the Beta tag from Calendar View after completing a set of four new core features.

1. Calendar Sidebar

You’ll see a new sidebar in Calendar views with a scrollable mini-calendar that shows several months of events at a time. This is a great way to see a 10,000 foot view of your work over a longer period of time alongside the finer grained details of a Month, Week, or Day view.


Colored dots under each day indicate how many tasks or events are currently scheduled for that day to give you a quick visual indicator of your workload.

2. Drag and drop event assignment

The Events tab in the new sidebar allows you to see a list of all events in your worksheet and filter by All Events, Events with Date, or Events without Date. Dragging any event into the calendar assigns, or re-assigns, date values to that event.


This is a great way to quickly schedule a set of tasks or events that have not been scheduled yet.

3. Conditional formatting for custom event coloring

In addition to setting a custom color for all events and choosing a Select column to determine the color of events, you can now define conditional formatting rules to determine how events are colored in Calendar views.


This is a great way to build out Calendar views for specific people and teams to color-code work most relevant to them.

NOTE: Conditional formatting for calendar event coloring is only available on Standard and Premium plans.

4. iCal link sharing for 3rd party calendar integration

The new Share view toolbar button enables a dynamic link to an iCal-based view of your Calendar View data that can be used to sync events with 3rd party calendar applications such as Google Calendar.

For more information on Calendar views in, see Calendar Views.

You can also check out Calendar views in action in many of the templates in our Template Gallery.

Cross-sheet formula performance improvements

After months of work by our formula engine team, we’re thrilled to have launched a fundamental rewrite of how cross-sheet formula computations are handled both on the server and browser, resulting in up to 100x performance improvements for cross-sheet formula updates. This is a big step toward complex financial and numerical modeling support in Guides

We recently launched Guides, a new destination on our website for learning how to use features to build solutions for a wide variety of use cases such as project management, CRM, content marketing, product development, hiring, construction projects, and more.

For example, in our Managing a Hiring Pipeline with guide, you’ll learn how to build a fully functional applicant tracking and interview management system using form views, related rows, automations, and more.

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Work Management Resources

We also launched Work Management Resources for learning about best practices, tools, and techniques for effective project management, sales and CRM, hybrid and remote work, and more.

For example, in our 5 Phases of Project Management article, you’ll learn about the phases of project management defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a global not-for-profit association that aims to help individuals and organizations work smarter. PMI has been around for more than half a century, and its project management principles have stood the test of time.

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New Templates

We published 23 new templates in the Template Gallery for use cases ranging from sales pipeline management to conference planning, real estate CRM, project roadmap with sprints, venture capital deal flow, and more.

For example, the Sales Pipeline template provides an easy way to track and analyze your sales pipeline with deals, companies, contracts, and interactions, linking all of your worksheets together with Related rows to turn your worksheet into a sales database.

The Project Roadmap with Sprints template comes with built-in Gantt views, Kanban views, and row grouping, so it’s easy to automatically group your project tasks into their respective sprints and visualize everything on a Gantt timeline.

The Conference Planner template can be used to organize your next conference, speaker series, or event. Use the Events worksheet to list events and log details like location, time, and a description, and a built-in Calendar view to visually manage schedules. Use Related rows to link the Events worksheet with the Speakers worksheet and create a roster of speakers and presenters.

Other newly published templates include: