Configure Cards info shown in Calendar View

Hi I am configuring calendar view for my project plan

by default Project ID gets displayed, and the short card shows few columns, is there a way to configure the information shown in these?

@Int360_Design_Studio - We do not currently have that functionality. You can however double click on the calendar event or click on the expand ( diagonal <–> icon ) icon on the above dialog to see the Full View of the row/event as a record.

Yes, I’ve had this problem also. I’m thinking the right answer is for a new feature in calendar to configure the display in manner similar to display in Kanban cards.

But I have found a work around that, while not ideal, does get the display of at least 1 column of relevant data. The work around is to change the index field to the desired column of info you want displayed. That results in a calander view that was more reasonable.

But, I’m finding that copying a sheet does not seem to allow for two different key columns at the same time. If you change in one view, the others also auto change. Thus every time you want a specific calander view requires a manual intervention.

Except for the interruption, not a huge deal for single person, might be problematic for a group trying to use a calander.

Also, I think for a simple spreadsheet with occasional calendar viewing, this a reasonable work around. As possible warning though, for sheets in a set of joined relations, then I have not run that experiment of switching back and forth but concerned about scrambled outcome, should I change back to the original index, will the correct relations just auto rejoin? or will the result be scrambled eggs?

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