Daily Schedule View, Grouped by [location, person, resource, etc.]

I’m seeing the possibility for a very cool feature that would be a type of calendar or schedule view.

Having a Weekly Schedule view that shows appointments and events (times of day on the vertical axis) with a column for each day of the week is an obvious need.

An extension of that would be a Daily Schedule View very much like a Weekly Schedule View except that instead of each column being a separate day, the columns could be based on some other grouping (just like how the kanban works).

The main examples that come to mind are an event schedule with columns representing different locations or tracks, and a resource availability schedule with columns that represent personnel or equipment or any other type of resource. A very cool feature of this type of view (similar to the kanban again) would be the ability to move items between different columns or move the item to a different time. For example, changing the reservation from room A to room B.