Product Updates - April 22, 2023 - Drag and Drop Row Movement

We’re thrilled to launch drag and drop row movement, a long standing popular feature request allowing you to manually reorder rows in worksheets.

Let’s take a look!

Drag and drop row movement

Row movement works by selecting one or more rows and dragging the row header region:


All formulas and formula dependencies automatically adjust to the new row positions as shown above.

Drag and drop row movement in hierarchies

Row movement works in hierarchies and Gantt views as well.

When a parent row is moved, all child rows move with it:


When a child row is moved, it inherits the indentation of its upper sibling wherever it is dropped:


NOTE: Row movement in grouped views is not yet available but coming soon.


supercool :slight_smile: major important update!!

but as always your customers have something to add :)…
when moving collapsed rows, they should stay collapsed and not open up

best, franz


Thanks for reporting this issue.
We are tracking this as a defect #006509.
Will update here once this is resolved.


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Hi @Franz_Ausserstorfer ,

Issue #006509 is fixed now with the latest product upgrade.



OMG!!! Many thanks.

Toledo Software

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