AUTOMATIONS adding rows above a defined row

Hello, an option to add, move, copy, a row to a specific row above or below a user defined row would be an amazing addition. I currently have a task list sheet that has hierarchies to separate different parts of a project. Forms have to be created from field checks and those become the tasks on this sheet. I want to have an automation that does the following;

When “Form 1” is added to a “hidden sheet”, move form row under hierarchy 1 in “Master Task List” sheet,
When “Form 2” is added to a “hidden sheet”, move form row under hierarchy 2 in “Master Task List” sheet,

This image is for a visual reference to follow along.

This would help create much cleaner, organized data lists that can be presentable to clients.

Hello @Martin_Estrada_Jr !
Are you looking
a) to set a Parent Row while adding rows via form submission?
b) or to have it placed before/after a specific row? ( No parent child relationship to be established) ?

It looked like (a) to me. But your question seems to be framed like a more generic (b) requirement.

Really both options would be great, (a) to put in the correct grouping and then (b) to put in the correct order within that group. Of the two though option (a) would be of higher importance for me.

@Martin_Estrada_Jr , I see from your screenshot that you are using outline numbering. I just added the following thread regarding the need for automatic outline numbering, so I’m curious if this is also a feature you’d like to see:

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Yes, I think this is a great idea. I can see this relieving some headache when automations are moving or adding rows.

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