Product Updates - October 23, 2021 - Related row rollup

What’s new?

1. New data type: Related row rollup
We’re thrilled to launch the new Related row rollup data type, allowing you to perform calculations across linked rows from related worksheets and return aggregate data. Similar to Related row lookups, Related row rollups look up the values of a cell already in a Related row, and require at least one Related row column to exist in the worksheet. However, unlike Related row lookups, which return raw data from Related rows, Related row rollups can return summaries, or aggregates, of the related data. For example, in the animation below we create a Related row rollup column to count the total number of Photo attachments in the linked rows in column C.


More details in the Related row rollup article in our Help Center.

2. Related row lookup improvements
Now Related row lookups bring all related cell data into the lookup cell, rather than just the first values. For example, in the animation below we create a Related row lookup column to show all of the Photo attachments from each of the Products linked to a Vendor. The vendors in row 3, 5, 6, and 7 have three linked Products, and you’ll notice each has 3 attachments in column D.