Product Updates - April 14, 2023 - Button data type

We’re excited to announce availability of the new Button data type in Spreadshee​​t​​​​.​com, allowing you to trigger automation actions on a row or open a URL from a button click.

Let’s take a look!

Button data type

The Button data type allows you to define one or more automation actions that get invoked when users click a button.

For example, here we’ve defined an automation to send a reminder notification to users assigned to a row when a Send Reminder button is clicked.

Buttons can also be configured to open custom URLs when clicked. For example, here we’ve defined a button to do a LinkedIn search using data from multiple columns in the worksheet.

See the Button data type in action

Take a look at our Guide to Using OpenAI and Automations to Manage Customer Relations to see the Button data type in action and learn how it can be used with other powerful Spreadsheet.​com features like OpenAI integration.

Learn more about the Button data type


I like that the button works with just a single click. Using the HYPERLINK function and concatenation allows you to create dynamic links, but it requires clicking on the cell and then again on the link. I like this new button that lets you create a dynamic link, and the label and background color provides some nice visual flexibility.

You can make the background color white to use a unicode character such as :mag: for the button. Or you can use a unicode character like :arrow_forward: ( U+25B6 ) to make a play button:




Thank you for your feedback.
On this note - I also wanted to add that we are working on a link preview widget - that we’ll roll out for URL datatype and progressively for Automatic cells containing URLs and Hyperlinks as well.

Something like this…


That’s a great news but why can’t we add a button to only one cell (instead of passing by column data type) ? This is a high limitation. It is for instance not possible to have one button in a sheet that launches sheet synchronisation with a backend, etc
Thank you, and congratulations for the great work that you do

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@Francois_Birot - “Sheet level buttons” is in near term product roadmap. They will probably be placed in the toolbar area above the sheet.


Great, thank you !! :slight_smile: