Importing CSV Files -- No way to specify column headings

While importing from CSV to a new sheet, there is no way to specify whether the first row contains headers.

It would be a big time saver to:

  1. Be able to specify whether headers are available
  2. Use the headers as the new column name
  3. Potential extra would be to default data type based on the column heading name

Hi Rudi, Right after import, you can right click on any row’s header ( not just 1st row) and set it as a Table Header Row.

This action will set the Column names for the Sheet as well.

That’s great and thank you for the super quick reply!

I see that in using this feature it keeps the imported data as well as moving it up into the column headings. Is there any reason to have the data repeated? What about the option of moving the data vs copying it to the headings?

I see what you mean. However, very often people keep Rows above the Table Header Row for Sheet Title info or some text on Sheet usage / documentation and also summary calculations etc around columns etc. The rows above the Header Row aka the ‘Header Region’ is useful in that respect. See below…

And the Header Row cells have special Menu items to Filter, Sort by Column, Edit Column Datatype etc.