Missing Functions & Wrong Functionality

The first thing I tested was the sort formula. Oh no, there is no sort formula. You need to implement a sort formula; having to do a physical sort on fields when it should be done automatically isn’t helping anyone.

Weird Functionality
So I select the column I wanted sort, 1st it didn’t allow me to set the first, top most, cell as a header and not to be included in the sort. the 2nd issue was when I hit the undo button, it didn’t undo the sort, instead it undid the last entry I made. It should have taken me back to the original list then undo the field entries I made.

Welcome @Stuart_Haughton and thanks for your feedback.

The SORT formula is in our roadmap (not yet implemented).

Spreadsheet.com includes database-like sorts that can be applied to each view in a worksheet. See our help article “Sorting and Row Order”:
Sorting and Row Order – Spreadsheet.com Support


We do plan to provide an option for enabling real-time sorting of these physically defined sorts (future roadmap item).

Spreadsheet.com also provides the ability to set a row as your table header row. This is critical for working with tabular data – sorting, filtering, etc. We have several summaries of this feature in the help system – but in short, just right click a row header and select “Set as table header row”:
The Table Header Row and Table Region – Spreadsheet.com Support

Undo and Redo for sort and filter operations are not yet available – this is on our short term roadmap, we agree this is a priority.