Ensuring content in a column is unique


I’m using Spreadsheet to track shots on a documentary I’m working on. When a new shot comes in I assign a shot name/number (grfx_004 for example). The problem I’m having is that we’re up to 170 shots and I need to ensure that the shot name is unique as we obviously cannot have a duplicate. Currently I need to manually check what the last shot number is before creating a new shot, which is not ideal.

So I’m wondering whether it’s possible to set a column up to ensure that each cell’s entry is unique?

Many thanks.

Hello @ole , We happen to be working on the ‘highlight duplicates in a column’ rule - It is expected to be available in November itself.

Will update this thread when the feature is released to production.

You may also want to consider using the Autonumber data type for this:

Hello @ole - “Highlight duplicates in a column” rule is now available.