Automating the missing field

Hello team

I have data in the column which is old, and now I am migrating to a, while cleaning up I came across a few missing data.

Could you please guide me how I can automate this where the auto email is triggered and sent to respective user to fill the missing data.

Thanking you in advance


Welcome @Avinash_Shrivastav,

Suggest you look into how Automations work and the available Trigger options. You will need to trigger an update to each row you want such an email notification sent on, for example, by updating a value in that row.

Relevant help center links:
Introduction to Automations:
Trigger Types:

There is no current way to loop through all rows and send notifications selectively, based on a manual event (such as a button click). You will be able to do this soon programmatically via our upcoming API, but doing this entirely through the UI will not be available until we support a Button data type (on our roadmap) in conjunction with more powerful enhancements with Automation loops (also on our roadmap).

Hope this helps