Naming columns still shows column letter

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While I live and breathe in Excel this is a bit different. I’m used to excel columns have a label as A, B, C etc. Typically, I use row 1 as my header row…then tell excel to sort by that. If I have 3 columns - A, B, C and I name them ID, Topic, and Completed…I see this…

A-ID, B-Topic, C-Completed.

While not the end of the world, I don’t like the look. Is there a way to not have it show A-, B- etc? This carries through to any view created like Kanban or calendar.


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Welcome @Emma_Sousa!

We agree and plan to provide a way to hide column letters (and the hyphen) appearing in column headers. There is no specific ETA yet but it’s on our roadmap.

Meanwhile, regarding the header row, if you haven’t seen it yet I wanted to point you to the capability to explicitly set a row as a worksheet’s table header row. This can be any row, not just row 1.

Once you have set a table header row, sorting/filtering/grouping only affects rows below the table header row (i.e. rows in the table region).

Hope this helps,