Sort A to Z is not sorting correctly

Hello, I am working on a spreadsheet that will be used as a reference system to reference sections of a document. Currently I have some outline like entries. I entered them in randomly as they appeared on a different sheet but when I finished I wanted to sort them in ascending order. When I applied the filter it sorted almost correctly with the exception of the few rows that were put on top. Is there a way to fix this or is it a bug?

looks like your data type is (T) text.
are you looking to sort it by numerical value? you’ll need to change the data type. but since you have text in there, it might need another “hidden” column with just the numerical values.

It needs to sort how an outline would by comparing each character in the order it appears. First by 1-9, then by A-Z and repeat. Separating it into different columns isn’t an option as it would mess up the appearance on the sheet that will be referencing this one.

@Martin_Estrada_Jr - I confirm that this is a client side sort bug for the Text datatype. Will be aiming to fix ASAP. Bug ID : 004939

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Hi @Martin_Estrada_Jr,

Issue #004939 is fixed now, as part of the latest upgrade.