Sort data using a custom list

Is there a possibility to not sort from A>Z or Z>A but according to a custom list (like in MS Excel or GoogleSheets)?

Hi Urs,

Currently we don’t support custom sorts. I have logged an enhancement for the same.


Regarding sort behavior would like to share some additional details, sorting for Select-Multiselect data-types is by order in which options are defined and not the natural order i.e. A->Z, 1->9.

Also, to achieve desired sorting behavior, another possible solution is to have sort-priority value for each cell. For example, to sort by months in chronological order:

  • First have a mapping of all possible cell values and sort priorities.

  • Next define a column formula to map a each cell value to its sort priority. ( User can choose to hide this column from sheet as it added only for complementing behavior )


  • Finally, sort the sheet by this column-formula