Text wrap / row expansion

This is my first time testing out spreadsheet.com – so far it’s been great, though I’m struggling to find the function that allows the rows to automatically resize to display all text (which I’ve already set to wrap).

I also don’t see how one could manually grow a row’s height…fingers crossed it’s there and I just can’t find it–though I’m able to resize column size so maybe this was overlooked?

Lastly, in the Kanban? (card like) view when reviewing the info in the expanded screen single words are being broken rather than sending the entire word to the next line. (See attachment for reference).

Welcome @Nicole_Tschorn,

It sounds like the worksheet View you experienced the row height issue in may have a fixed row height set. In the View toolbar at the upper left you will see a toolbar button called row height:


If you change this to Flexible (default) you should see the row autosizing behavior you are expecting based on text wrapping, etc. In Flexible row height mode you can also manually change the height of rows by resizing them, just like a traditional spreadsheet.


Regarding text not wrapping in the fields in row details dialogs, this is a bug – thanks for pointing it out. We’re tracking it as issue # 003589 and will update this thread once it’s been addressed.


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Even after changing row height to flexible it doesn’t show all the text in a given cell–I have to adjust/expand each row manually… not sure if that’s how its suppose to perform.

No it is not supposed to perform this way, except on import of certain types of Excel files. However, once you set a manual height on a particular row, it will no longer auto-expand.

Hi, is it possible to share the workbook with murali at spreadsheet dot com , if it has no sensitive data? Also which Row#, cell is it - if you decide to share?

shared~ as I mentioned in the message, it was every row with more than a sentence of copy. I’ve since manually expanded each row to get all text to show, but I have been able to replicate the issue in row 7.

Nicole, This seems to be a row-height defaults issue with the ‘Multi Project Tracking’ template that you started from. We will be fixing the Template - Tracking as #003590

In the meantime, I have reset your row-heights to Fit to Data in the Sheet.

003590 - We have fixed the row height defaults in the Template

Flexible row height is not working as expected - all my text-wrapped cells are NOT expanding:

Safari Version 15.0 (16612., 16612)
macOS 11.5 (20G71)

Did you start your spreadsheet with a template? If so that’s likely the cause. I ran into the same issue once before.

@Hans_Tobeason - Please do let us / @thomas know if you stared with a template.

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The above issues(#003590 and #003589) which were mentioned are resolved now.