Sync TSV to git

Maybe this will not come in my lifetime. I want to be able to sync à la csvdiff a sheet to a TSV file stored in git. I want it to work with tabular data, and sync both ways. I know this doesn’t exist, but it should!!!

And btw, who in world decided that good titles have to be at least 15 characters. This is part of the BAD side of technology!

In the future we plan to provide syncing and this is something that could be developed with our forthcoming API. Stay tuned for updates on this later this year.

Regarding “good titles have to be at least 15 characters”. Is this a limitation you are seeing somewhere in our product?

Right here. My title was less than X characters and it won’t let you post.

Ah this is Discourse, the platform we are using for this community. Will check if there is a setting that allows us to reduce this minimum title length.