When will we be able to import tsv

I’m dead in my tracks as I deal a lot with TSV. Will this be supported soon at least to import? Really it shouldn’t be a big problem to implement…

Welcome @Boyd_Kelly. We do not currently support TSV files but there are ways to convert TSV to CSV in Excel:

…and also online tools that can do this for you (though this is not an endorsement of this or other tools):

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I can convert on the command line. Thats not a problem. However the conversion step is fraught with problems and its not anywhere near an option. Please just support TSV, and even custom separators. Its in everyone`s best interest.

:slight_smile: Noted and thanks for the suggestion.

While we don’t officially support this format, you need only change your file’s extension to one of the supported formats, in this case, ‘.csv’. The import should work fine. We will look into enabling the extension directly after some testing.

Let us know how it goes. Thanks.

We have enabled TSV support. You can now import TSV files. Let us know how it goes!

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