Data import limit

Only 5MB limit for a file upload? Booh! :slight_smile: That’s a shame, I really wanted to see if the platform could help me with some data-heavy stuff…

My csv is 16MB, btw.

Welcome @Themistocles_Papassi, we do have plans to raise this limit in the future as we invest more in our ability to handle large data sets. Right now we’re focused mostly on project management and end user relational database use cases that typically involve less than 100k rows. It would be great to learn what kind of data you are uploading and what you’re hoping for from

I see I forgot to reply to this. Shame on me, and thanks for your reply, Matt!

Ok, so what I wanted to do was throw in usage statistics from my customer base and see what I can get from it - statistical analysis, charting, whatever. I did not have something specific in mind, just toy around with it and see if it could help me in some better way than Excel. For instance, could the platform better help me understand the data distribution with some clever bin auto-creation? That was something specific that I had in mind.

But yeah, my data was much larger than the limit :slight_smile:

Thanks again!