Downloading to Excel format resulting in "corrupt" file

Hi All,

I need to convert my spreadsheet to TSV format. Since doesn’t have this facility, I download the spreadsheet to Excel format, then open the Excel file in Google Sheets, and download it to TSV there.

Recently, however, I’ve had difficulty opening the Excel-format file in Google Sheets. (I’ve also tried it in LibreOffice Calc, with same problem.)

Google Sheets says the file “cannot be parsed.” Calc says the file is “corrupt and therefore cannot be opened.”

At first I had no problem. Then, it took two or three download tries to work. Then five. Yesterday I gave up after seven tries. Today I tried again with the same spreadsheet as yesterday, and it went through on about the fifth try.

Is my file too big? It’s 469 rows. I read somewhere that Excel sheets can be up to a million rows, so that doesn’t sound likely.

Has anybody else had this problem, or knows what to do?

Thanks in advance.

Nancy R.
Fox & Hedgehog

Hi @Nancy_Raffman,

Sorry to hear you are running into this problem. We are investigating this issue now. Would it be possible for you to send us a copy of the exported Excel file that leads to this error? If so, please send to This will help us debug and address the issue faster.

Thank you for your patience,