Row limit in


I am using Google sheet for my Work mostly. Like to try out
Google sheet has a 5 million cell limit, which I often reach
Whats the cell limit or row limit in

Welcome to the community Thomas.

We are primarily focused on project management and end user relational database use cases that typically involve less than 100k rows. We do have plans to raise this limit in the future as we invest more in our ability to handle large data sets.

Having said that, the beauty of and it’s related row feature allows you to richly refer to data sitting in other workbooks. Which means you don’t have to cram it all up in a single sheet. Of course a single data set can grow considerably large over time which will be addressed over time as we support higher limits.\

Hope that helps.


Hey :smiley:

I’m loving this app but have hit either a ceiling or perhaps a bug :slightly_frowning_face: (fingers crossed)

Can you expand on the sheet limitations? I just tried to import 12K rows and it truncated to only 10K. From there, it allowed me to add blank rows in increments of 100 but when I tried to paste the missing 2K rows it hangs.

Hello @Nathalie_Collins,

The Import limit of 10K could be relaxed - Will get back to you. It was put in place some time ago - And as the product matures rapidly, we are progressively removing some gates.

I have logged BUG-003763 to track the paste-hang issue.

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I was eventually successful at doing it. Not sure how long it took as I walked away from the computer and forgot about it, to be honest.

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Thanks for the follow-up on this @Nathalie_Collins. Increasing row limits per worksheet and the performance of working with large numbers of a rows is priority for us. Will take some time to get there but wanted to let you know we view this as a critical party of our 2021+ roadmap.

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This is exciting news. This will help so many people in the community.

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