Suggestions for improving reports


Here are some suggestions to improve reports.

My context:

I’m trying to make a workbook to handle cash flow management of my company. I have synchronized one sheet with our bank account, one sheet with our deffered debit card, one sheet with GoCardless (that manages direct debit from our customers). I have used the api to make that synchronisation. I now want to have one sheet that shows all the different transactions (called for instance ‘All Transactions’), with the possibility to show related transactions. For instance, all the transactions made in july with the deferred debit card, will generate one transaction in august on our bank account (the transactions are thus linked/related). I would thus like to have the monthly debit card transaction of our bank account as a parent row in the ‘All Transactions’ sheet, with the corresponding detailed debit card transactions as children rows. I also want to be able to set the category of a transaction either in the ‘All Transactions’ sheet or in their corresponding specific sheet ("Bank account’, ‘Deffered debit card’, ‘GoCardless’)

I discovered that reports almost permit me to do this. I can indeed get all different transactions into one report and edit them directly. Yet there are some limitations that prevent me from using it.


Here are some suggestions to improve reports (so that it could be used for my cash flow management):

  • Be able to create a report in a workbook (instead of having two different files)
  • Be able to have different views in a report (to be able to save different filters/groups)
  • Be able to search for rows by doing CTRL+F (have same search box as for worksheets)
  • Be able not only to group rows, but to create a hierachy based on cell values
  • Be able to write formulas in worksheets that use data from a report
  • When selecting a range of values in a report, show the sum/average/max/etc values at the bottom right (like in normal worksheets)
  • Be able to click on a row in a report, to view and possibly edit all the fields of the original row (similar to what is possible when having related rows)


Hi @Francois_Birot,

Thank you for these suggestions and great to see how far you’ve gotten with this use case! We will make sure to consider these as we improve the Reporting feature.

Best regards,