Organizing my data

I want to create a task management for my music ministry. There are so many related parts and I’m not sure how to initially design it.
A worship service would be the main record, or row.
under that would be hymns, anthems, and other music.
For each music topic, there are options of who is involved, such as organ, piano, guitars, winds, vocals, or any combination. This would be the option for each row of music.
Is there an easy way to set something up like this rather than using a checklist that has all the possible musician combinations?

Hi John,

Thank you for reaching out and it’s very nice to virtually meet you! My name is Thomas and I lead Customer Success here at

Your use case is a great example of how you can benefit from utilizing “Related Rows”. You’re on the right track with how you are planning to segment this data though.

My only recommendation would be to split the Workbook into at least “2 worksheets” to start. From there have a worksheet with your music as “Worksheet 2” and your music topics as “Worksheet 2”. After you’ve done that use the “Related Row” feature to link those rows together. I’ve included links to our help documentation and videos that go into more details about “Related Rows” below.

Help Documentation

  • Related Row (here)
  • Introduction to Related Rows (here)

Hope this is helpful John and let us know if you have additional questions.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

Hello Thomas;
I understand the concept behind and know it will be useful in what I’m trying to accomplish. I used to write software using a relational database, so I’m quite familiar with setting relations. However, I’m having difficulting getting my mind to organize everything that I need done. My tasks are mostly weekly tasks that repeat every week, such as picking music, creating lesson plans, sending out newsletters or info, etc. Is there somewhere I can turn to see a similar example in

John Cavicchio

Hi John,

Thank you for the follow-up this sounds like something that could be handled using “Automations” or “Saved Templates”. if you are open to it I’d like to connect on a short call to learn more about what your ideal version of this would look like, walk through solutions, and answer additional questions you may have.

I’ve just sent you an email with my calendar that includes my availability for the rest of this week for us to connect.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon John!

Thomas Van Steyn

Thank you
I gave the wrong email address when I set up the virtual meeting. I tried to correct it, but it may not have gone through. Anyway, you’ll see it scheduled for this coming Monday 10-10 at 11:00 am. It may say “

Thanks again
John Cavicchio

Hi I am having the same issue… My tasks are mostly classes that repeat twice a week until the end of the semester, so I was wondering if there is a way I can input that into my calendar ?