Sending row to a different sheet

Is there a way to have a row be transferred or referenced to a different sheet based on a selection option? (i.e. completed project gets sent to a sheet that’s completed, or “in progress” gets copied to an in progress sheet?) Like a broader use of the Kanban view?

This is a request I’ve seen related to use of Excel, also (but not possible without VBA/macros). It’s a pretty common need especially for to do lists where you want to check off something as done but you want it archived rather than deleted.

Creating a new view with a filter to view or hide based upon criteria may be able to accomplish what you want to see without actually having to create a separate identical table and move the record from one table into the other. Actually, I think this is an excellent example of what creating a separate filter view is ideal for. So, instead of creating a Kanban view, create a new worksheet view and within that view, add a filter.

In addition to this suggestion, we do plan to add capabilities for copying and moving rows between worksheets in the future (both manually and via automation rules). There is no specific timeline for this yet but it falls within the broader bucket of workflow and automation that is a big part of our roadmap.

“automation rules” ? ooooo … is that going to be like easy-to-build macros? Could be really fun.

Yes, though we will be focused on visual workflow automation rather than scripting and custom code. Our goal is to put as much power in the hands of non-developers (or “no-code” developers) as possible. There will always be a place for code/scripting but our focus will primarily be on empowering the vast majority of users who either do not know how to code or do not want to spend their time doing so. … and hopefully we will make it fun :slight_smile:


Oooh, yeah the filter’ll do nicely for the time being, thanks Vertex.
The sheet swappable rows will be great for coworkers who are less… shall we say “clicking inclined”.