Multiple Work Books Compiled to one Master Sheet

We have 14 Branches in our Organisation. I have duplicated and created Work Book for each where they will be uploading and sharing their Expenses and Invoice Details. It is difficult to track each Branch Office Separately. I would like to create a Master Sheet where same and exact raws get automatically created whenever one of 14 Branch uploads to their sheet.

Any thoughts?


Kindly take a look at our automation support. We have actions like “copy a row in worksheet” which can be used to copy row to the master sheet from the branch sheet. You can also choose when that happens i.e. say

  1. When the new row in the branch sheet is created via a form
  2. When the row in branch sheet has data, you can have a checkbox cell in the row which when enabled would trigger the automation and copy all the content as a new row in master sheet. etc.

please reach out to our support at if you need more help with this.



@Yoosuf_Abdul_Latheef - I suggest that you also check out the Reports feature to query and load data from multiple Sheets across workbooks into one single View.

Reports are read-only for now, but we are working on enabling editing from Reports.