Select Row window to inherit sort order from source

Currently, when you choose an option in a Related Row data type column, the Select Row window shows the order of items based on the non-sorted source. I have an income and expense template where I’d like to be able to add Payees and Categories as separate worksheets, and then sort those tables so that the order of items in the Select Row is based on my currently applied sort in those worksheets.

Example: This worksheet lists the Categories, where you can see the currently applied Sort criteria.

Example: This is the order that the items show up when choosing a category from the related row field.

Note the difference in the items within the Select Row window compared to the sorted source.

This same thing applies to the Payee field where I have a separate Payee table that I want to sort alphabetically.

Work Around - If I could permanently apply a current set of Sort criteria (a separate general suggestion) to my table, then this suggestion is a mute point. However, without the ability to permanently apply a sort, I’d need to manually change the order of the items in my table if I want a particular order in my Select Row window (which is absolutely critical when using this type of worksheet with a lot of categories and payees - they need to be alphabetical).

Form View: The sort order also comes into play when using a form view to enter transactions. If the form view were able to open a Select Row window (that shows the related row info besides just the primary key), then this would also help choose options within the Form View if the items were sorted.