Filtered value selection of Related Row column type

Would be nice to have optionally filtering options for Related Row column type.

Related Row column should return a filtered value selection based on a specific column value of the same row or generally filters selection on specific view of destination workbook/worksheet.

Sheet1 contains a column 'S1Option" and two related row columns ‘RROption1’ and ‘RROption2’. Both RR are connected to Sheet2.
Sheet2 contains also a column ‘S2Option’ and some others. Sheet2 has also the views ‘Options1’ and ‘Options2’.

Selection values in columns ‘RROption1’ and ‘RROption2’ should be filtered by the respective values ‘Option1’ / ‘Option2’ of column ‘S2Options’
Selection values in columns ‘RROption1’ and ‘RROption2’ showing values of respective views.

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Welcome @Daniel_Steiner!

We had a chat about this internally and while it sounds like a join, we’re not 100% sure we’re interpreting this correctly. If you’re open to it we’d love to schedule a brief Zoom call to review what you are trying to accomplish. If not perhaps an example involving a use case and expected results might help clarify for us.


Hi Matt
Maybe use case of ‘entering destination adress in navigation system’ is easier to understand.
When I first enter a city as destination, then I expect only streets of that city as selection values to enter a more precise navigation destination.
Greats Daniel

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Thanks @Daniel_Steiner , this helps and we do have plans to allow filtering related row selectors based on criteria similar to what you’ve outlined above. No ETA yet but it’s on our radar.

I second this. It would be extremely useful to have this type of filtering as a simple built-in feature of SSDC, especially with a relational database at the core. It’s difficult to set up something like this in Excel or Google Sheets (where the term commonly used is “Conditional Drop-Down List”).

Examples (including Daniel’s):

  1. Filtering the selection of a City based on a previously chosen State or Zip Code (and all other combinations of these relationships). Having a worksheet or template that already includes a list of locations like this as a building block could be helpful.
  2. Filtering the selection of a Task based on a previously chosen Project (e.g. timesheets)
  3. Filtering the selection of a Room based on a previously chosen Building (e.g. reservations, facility issue reporting, etc)
  4. Filtering the selection of a Product based on a category or categories (e.g. order forms, purchase orders, inventory, etc.)
  5. Filtering the selection of a Budget category based on Type (where Type is income, expense, equity, transfer, etc.)
  6. And more generic: selecting a Subcategory based on the a higher tier Category

The above are useful without needing any type of math or expression-based comparison. More advanced criteria options may be a nice feature, but a Data Validation type of feature may be useful for the advanced criteria.

My vote is for a simple solution to this basic type of conditional drop-down selection, with the more advanced filtering slated for further down the road.

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@Daniel_Steiner @Vertex42 ,

Essentially you are asking for another configuration option in the Related Row →

Filter Rows Available for Linking,
{ Sheet1:ColumX } = { Sheet2:ColumY} // {} being dropdowns…



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Yes, exactly.

For example, in an income and expense tracker, within the Register worksheet I added a column called “Type” as a Select data type with options that correspond to the Type column of the “Summary” worksheet. These select options were manually created, because the Type column in the Register worksheet is an input field (as opposed to using a Related Row Lookup data type).

The Related Row in the Register worksheet is a row called “Category” which is linked to a Summary worksheet where the primary key is “Category”. The idea is that when entering a transaction, you would choose the Type (Income, Expense, or Transfer) and then the Category field (the related row) is filtered based on the Type.

So, the extra criteria for the “Category” Related Row column in the Register worksheet would allow us to select Summary:Type = Register:Type

I suppose it might not be much more of a stretch to make the comparison operator be =, >, <, >=, <=

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