Kanban View based on Related Row datatype

I created an task sheet, the status column was a related row (status is list of Logs tracked in another worksheet) as we wanted re-use status LOV’s across different worksheets.

I now want to build Kanban View based on the Status column. But Kanban view only works on Select Icon Set, User Data type.

Is there any work around for this?

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To reuse list of values as Select options across worksheets, in Select column configuration you can set Source field as ‘Range of Cells’ or Named Range.


What if I want to use this named range across different cookbooks. In the example shown above, the status in the same workbook but different worksheets

Using named-ranges / range-of-cells in Select configuration is limited to referencing other worksheets in the same workbook and only relationships can be configured cross-workbook as of today.

Request you share this requirement ( single cardinality relationships in Kanban view ) as an enhancement with references to this post for the Product Manager to consider it for product backlog and accordingly scope for any future release.

In the meanwhile, just as a workaround you can consider this approach :

  • Continue to use related-row for setting Select options over a cross workbook relationship.

  • For such related-row column, also configure an additional Select column for which Source is configured as Related-Row column range ( we can mark this redundant column as hidden later ).

  • Auto-fill each cell in this Select column with formulas to pull the related-row cell value on each row onto the Select column cell automatically. It will dynamically update to reflect any changes made to related-row cell.


  • Now use this redundant ( but complementing ) Select column in Kanban view configuration.

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Thank you! This is helpful, we have just onboarded our workflow and really like the ease of use of this software.

I will add it as a n enhancement request.