Looking for a way to use forms for an easy way to add additional details to existing rows

Hi there,

I am hoping there is an easy way to set up a form to pull up an existing row within a worksheet based on the user selecting the specific one from a pull-down and have the current row data be populated in the form and permit the user to either change or add details and them apply it to the workbook.

Here is the scenario.

There is a workbook that contains all of the information we are interested in regarding a potential interviewee for a specific position.

  1. Some basic information is entered for candidate to be interviewed. It consist of their name, resume, email, and phone number. The phone screener is notified there is a candidate to be screened.

  2. The screener arranges a phone interview and needs to pull up the basic information previously entered and conducts the phone screening. During this screening additional details are collected and added to the workbook row for this specific interviewee. The phone screener completes the interview and flags the results which either pushes the candidate to the next phase of interviews or the interviewee row is moved to another workbook as being “declined”.

If I can figure out how to do this, then the other steps will be easy to figure out. I would appreciate any guidance or advise.


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@Tom_Sheffield - We are in the design phase of a few slightly overlapping features that seem related to what you are aiming to achieve.

  • Customisable Row forms
  • Ability to address a specific record via a URL ( app/ssdc/workbooks/XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ) ( Requested for by @Jesse_Wallace and others )
  • Approval workflows

We should be able to get to them in May or June. Stay tuned. We may contact you for inputs in the meantime.

Having said that, you can achieve this today using views , automations and existing Row preview Dialog.

  1. The phone screener should have an Editor previlege in teh workbook
  2. Set up a View for him/her with appropriate filters ( Stage = Phone Screening )
  3. They can access the View , open the Row - They will see all fields though
  4. Set up a trigger to use Move Rows automation to move the candidate to another Sheet if the status is Declined etc

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