Kanban Use Case - drag & drop

New Feature Suggestion - Allow for drag and drop of rows from Kanban Uncategorized column to a COLLAPSED columns.

Use Cases - If I have have many items in a group, data type select, then they are not visible in a large screen of kanban board. On a 28 inch screen one can only see about 8 expanded columns. If collapsed, it can be easily increased to 20 collapsed columns and make the board more useful as data entry device as well as a viewing device.

If I want to categorize ungrouped items, drag and drop is the fastest way to do the data entry by drag and drop uncategorized item to a defined Kanban column.

But, it currently not possible to drag and drop to a collapsed column, thus it limits the usefulness of Kanban as a categorization tool and forces one into typing/keyboard entry (higher mental friction) rather than using a drag/drop technique (lower mental friction).

Marty Rini
Toledo Software

PS. Another useful feature would be to be able to hold the Uncategorized column fixed while scrolling left to right thru the others. More, fixed column, could be a property for any column, this would allow for easy movement of items from one column to the many others.

And if they were collapsed columns, greatly expand the ability to use the Kanban board for data entry. For example, drop sheet of employee names into job titles, drop a list of inventory items into vendor names, subdivide a metro area into political voting districts, etc.