Adjustable card/column width on Kanban view

The current card/column with on the Kanban view is fairly difficult to work with. Could we get a way to adjust the widths of the columns so that we can see more of the information? The very thin width tends to cut of copy after only a few words.

Would also probably be good to have the ability to toggle Primary key truncation in this view as well, so that if there are similar items, a user can still tell what it is without having to open the full record.

Hi @Jesse_Wallace, The suggestion makes sense and this is a shortcoming in the current layout others have run into as well.

Would showing 2-3 lines of wrapped text (for both primary column and other text-based data types) more or less solve the problem for you?

While a few lines of wrapped text would help solve the discoverability issue, readability still suffers when there is only 2-3 words per line (at least for the title). Seems like imagery tends to skew a bit more rectangular than square for most projects, which would benefit from wider overall columns. I feel like Airtable and Trello have this problem with their card widths as well.

In my opinion:

  • Dream would be fully adjustable columns.
  • Nice consolation would be 2 or 3 settings (regular, wide, extra wide).
  • Wrapped text would be a fix to make them usable.
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Noted and all makes sense, thanks Jesse! We will take this into consideration as we improve the Kanban view.

Yes, definitely needed for Kanban centric applications. ASAP please. Just like a cell in Excel would like to control a Kanban column for width, height, color, font, etc at the sheet and column levels. In the short run, I’ll take word wrap and standard column width if I can get it.

Without this kind of control, if more than a few columns or columns with multiple rows of contents, one has to keep clicking into the card to understand it’s contents and easy movement between columns becomes tedious and undermines the use of the board for visual and rapid card movement.

A few more wishes:
Also, even when closing a board, the title of an individual stack gets truncated if the title used is too long…provide more room for the title would also be helpful.

And if a window is expanded, if a column is contracted, the saved space should be devoted to the open and remaining stacks.

PS. love the product, like yourself, just wish this could all go faster.

And then one other wish…even if I close a column, would like to be able to drag and drop the unassigned to a closed column. The use case is to first catagorize items (rapidly) and then to order them within a single stack.

I guess one more…when I use two screens for a Kanban board, would like for the columns to auto expand to fit into the expanded real estate.

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Hi @Martin_Rini, great suggestions here. We will take these all into consideration when we get to the next set of Kanban view improvements.

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