Adjustable card/column width on Kanban view

The current card/column with on the Kanban view is fairly difficult to work with. Could we get a way to adjust the widths of the columns so that we can see more of the information? The very thin width tends to cut of copy after only a few words.

Would also probably be good to have the ability to toggle Primary key truncation in this view as well, so that if there are similar items, a user can still tell what it is without having to open the full record.

Hi @Jesse_Wallace, The suggestion makes sense and this is a shortcoming in the current layout others have run into as well.

Would showing 2-3 lines of wrapped text (for both primary column and other text-based data types) more or less solve the problem for you?

While a few lines of wrapped text would help solve the discoverability issue, readability still suffers when there is only 2-3 words per line (at least for the title). Seems like imagery tends to skew a bit more rectangular than square for most projects, which would benefit from wider overall columns. I feel like Airtable and Trello have this problem with their card widths as well.

In my opinion:

  • Dream would be fully adjustable columns.
  • Nice consolation would be 2 or 3 settings (regular, wide, extra wide).
  • Wrapped text would be a fix to make them usable.
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Noted and all makes sense, thanks Jesse! We will take this into consideration as we improve the Kanban view.